Complete Curriculum Success-An addition to my normal curriculum

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I have a set curriculum that I use with both of my girls. But I always try to search out workbooks that are fun and educational to supplement into their studies, to help them review. I wanted it to be my way of doing a “test” with them to cover topics we have learned about. I haven’t had much success with finding a great workbook (one good enough to share with you)…. until now.

I have been lucky enough to collaborate with Popular Book Company (USA) Ltd (click here to visit their website) on their Complete Curriculum Success Workbook Grade 2.  Popular Book Company (USA) Ltd strives to put forth high quality workbooks for grades Preschool-6th Grade. All of their supplementary learning workbooks are aligned with National and State standards and they are sold worldwide to an array of countries to use as an educational tool in their learning environment.

I choose The Complete Curriculum Success workbook to review and it covers Math, English and Science. I received the book a few weeks back and have been going over it with Chloe. She is so excited to dive in and so am I. (For those of you who are wondering, this curriculum is secular.)

They offer these Complete Curriculum Workbooks for grades 1-6, you can view all their grade options here.. I happen to choose the Complete Curriculum option, but they also offer a Math Success workbook for grades 1-6, you can view those here. And they carry activity books for Preschool and Kindergarten, click here to view those.

I don’t do testing with my girls right now, a lot has to do with the fact that I’m pretty lazy when it comes to having to make a test for the girls to complete, this workbook is giving me an easy solution. Choosing curriculum and workbooks for homeschool can be pretty tough sometimes, a lot has to do with all the options that are out there and the lack of insight into the particular curriculum you’re researching. I hope this gives you a thorough look inside this great curriculum.

I really enjoy workbooks that gives a bit of review for my girls before diving into new topics, which I feel this book does. For math, I’m huge on review, because in order for my girls to get a great grasp on their number facts, they need lots and lots of practice.

Topics covered are as follows:

As you can see with the Math portion, it begins with a review, but then heads into advanced topics such as multiplication and division. The gradual progression of the topics and the amount of review each section gives, is abundant and very well laid out. I also like that even though it does coincide with my current math curriculum, it also dives into topics and lessons that go beyond what my current curriculum touches upon. Win-win!

Below are some examples of the Math lessons:

I love the illustrations and the fun approaches to learning that are utilized, it takes on a fun way to teaching such as drawing, crosswords, word searches, coloring, matching, graphing, etc. If you’ve been following my journey on IG, you know how much trouble I’ve had finding a math curriculum that fits my girl’s learning style.. “fun” has definitely been a driving factor, which is one aspect that is exciting Chloe about this book.

The English portion also takes a fun, smooth transitioned approach to learning as well. here is a look inside a few of those lessons:

I’m glad that I have this book to get some more interactive lessons when it comes to English as my current curriculum can sometimes get a little dry for my girls’ young minds. I also love that it gives Chloe a chance to practice her reading!

The last subject is Science. This year I have combined the first grade and second grade topics of a Classical Education, since I do Chloe and Olivia’s science together.. this approach has allowed me to lessen my personal workload and plus, the girls like that they have the variety of combined and independent topics to do daily.

Here is a look into their Science:

I really feel as though they did a great job with Science.. I mean the entire book is great, but with science I feel they have touched upon some great subjects and it’s leaving me with the ability to build great lessons off these topics. I plan on following through this book and expanding on the topics they talk about. I am not great with doing crafts and experiments, but I do think this gives me a great starting point to get a lot of “extras” thrown in the mix with our current curriculum. I know there are things that my girls will learn from this book that they wouldn’t have if I didn’t utilize it.

I know a lot of the times you all ask me about independent work that your little ones can do while you work with another child individually, well here is the solution. I have used several other books, most of the times I don’t share them because they are just “ok” and I don’t want to recommend something to you that I don’t love.. with that being said, I chose to share this particular one with you because I believe it will not only bring a fun review to our schooling, but it will bring a greater knowledge of topics we are discussing daily or introduce necessary topics that I wouldn’t have otherwise touched upon had this book not been in the mix.

After looking over this workbook I plan on purchasing the First Grade Workbook for Olivia and I’ll continue to purchase these workbooks as they move up in grades as well.

To purchase this Curriculum click here or if you need another type of book or a different grade level, visit and use the code: SAMANTHA  for 10% off your order!

Come back and let me know what you think about the curriculum!

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