Kindergarten Resources

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I have the one blog post explaining how I taught in Kindergarten and I’ve also done in Instagram post about the resources we use on a weekly basis. I don’t use one resource for specific subjects as I’m not strict in kindergarten as to what needs to be done throughout the entire day. The only things that I have my little one do on a daily basis is read from the reading curriculum I used with my oldest and now with my youngest, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.

This is such a wonderful book to teach children to read. I highly recommend it.

The second workbook I utilize most days with my kindergartner is 100 Write-and-Learn Sight Word Practice Pages. She wasn’t too crazy about the book at first, but once she started learning to read, she loves doing it right after her writing workshop. There’s nothing fancy about this workbook, but I highly recommend it for the little one.

DK Language Arts

I also like to have Vavi work on her CVC words a few times a week, whether that be on a worksheet or using Junior Learning CVC Word Builder Activity Cards and Eurika Tub of Letter Tiles. She loves doing this and often times this allows her to work on her alphabet and upper and lower case letters, as she loves to line them up alphabetically so it’s easier for her to find the letters. This was one of the first activities I bought for my girls when I started homeschooling and I highly recommend it to keep CVC practice fun.

Towards the end of the year, I will add 20 Week-by-Week Word Family Packets  to her work so that I she can get better with her reading. This is what I did with my first and it worked wonders with getting her to read.

The next book, Get Ready for School: First Grade, I got on a whim when I was walking around Barnes and Nobles, I was thinking it could be busy work for my kindergartner on those random days she would get jealous when Bobo was doing work at the high table with me and she wanted to get involved. I also noticed a lot of the work in the book was review for the list of things she was supposed to learn for Kindergarten. I don’t push this book on her, she has it accessible and will bring it out when she is looking for busy work.  I really like the illustrations and content. Some of the stuff is advanced for her now, but there’s enough progression in the workbook for her to find pages to utilize as her skill set improves.

After Vavi completes the sight word book mentioned above, I will have her move onto The Complete Book of Sight Words to keep her moving forward with them. I usually continue sight words until they are reading a bit more fluently.

I will add some of the workbooks I put in her colorful subject drawers that she will aimlessly grab when it’s time for her to find other fun things to do while I finish working with Bobo.


When I look for books for Vavi, I try to find things that are easy and fun and most importantly, things she can do by herself.

Aside from workbooks, I fill our homeschool room with fun hands-on learning resources. I will link as many as I can find so you can grab ideas from it if you need to.


I also just recently filled a basket full of small puzzles, bought at the dollar tree, for my youngest who LOVES to do puzzles randomly throughout her day. Her and I went shopping recently and she had a great time picking out the puzzles and her basket to store them in.

As always, let me know if you have any questions!