Homeschool Room Items

Putting together my homeschool room has been a long, long journey. I have had it in every single one of the rooms in my house and finally ended up in the finished garage. It is such a big space, but the more space I have, the more things I tend to buy to put in it..  The book cases I use are from amazon.

Another necessity.. my color printer! I use to have a black and white printer, then at the beginning of this year, I invested in a colored one, and I’m so glad I did; I’ve never had any issues with this one.. so far, so good.

I have had people inquire about my printer, but I when I looked at the one above, it was about $1,000 and I think it’s because it is a bit older now. The one below is the updated version of it I believe.

Newest binder, the ProClick is my favorite purchase for homeschool organization! I love it so much and it has made my life so much easier! It’s going to do wonders when it comes time to start a new year and have the girl’s evaluation items in one spot!
Binders I bought to accompany them:
45 Sheet capacity binders

85 Sheet Capacity Binders

110 Sheet Capacity Binders

The first binding machine I bought was this Fellowes Binding Machine. Worked great and really helps with pdfs and curriculum I download, BUT the spines didn’t allow for a super secure close and the papers could fall out. It also didn’t allow for you to flip the notebook over completely. I’m leaving it up here because the binding machine and the spines are a lot more affordable!

For the girls’ curriculum storage, I use these magazine holders to keep them organized! It has made it a lot easier to sort and transport their curriculum in the new house because we do school in the kitchen during the week and then I move it back into the homeschool room during the weekend and breaks!

I get a lot of questions about my globe.. my mom bought this for me at a yard sale, but I was able to find one similar for those interested.

I found this beautiful calendar at Hobby Lobby.

Posters: these are self explanatory 🙂

The girls use this little table to do their crafts on. It use to be their dinner table but now I put it in the room for them to do their crafts on.

Girl’s craft table

Book shelves I used at our old house

I put all of them together by myself, they are sturdy and have 5 shelves on them. I probably could’ve gotten away with having three, but wanted it to be even around the windows.

Desks we used at our old house
Our desk set up is three desks pushed together, so that we can chat while the girls work. I think they are great for the money and the perfect size for the girls to put all their necessities and plenty of room to do their work as well. If you click the photo below it’ll bring you to amazon to see the exact measurements.

Easel we have used in the past

My mom got my girls these Melissa & Doug Wooden Standing Art Easels a couple years ago and I find them helpful when the girls need to practice writing or if they are in free and want to doodle freely.

White Board
I never really thought about having a big white board, but per my mom’s great suggestion, I purchased this White Board. I was so glad I did, as I use it for a lot of my planning now.

These are in my girl’s rooms right now and I may use them again in the future when they are doing independent work a lot, but I use to use them in my old homeshcool room to organize and love them!  10 drawer organizers.

In these, I use to put the girls curriculum books and the girls are able to access them when it’s time to change subjects.