Supplies We Use

Here are some of the things we use in our classroom. Click the photos and it will take you to the amazon page.

We use the Eeboo cards to help get ideas for writing workshop. I don’t think I use them the way they are intended, but usually my girls will copy a photo (if they can’t think of something to write themselves) then write a couple sentences about a made up story they come up with based off the photo. (Kindergarten: one sentence-First Grade: 3-5 sentences)

I have only used these waterbeads once, but the girls had a blast with them. A small disclaimer, they can get VERY messy.

When I first purchased this watercolor pallet, I didn’t really have anything to compare them to, once I purchased a pallet from Walmart and Target, I realized how great these ones are.

These colored pencils are really expensive, but my girls LOVE them. My brother purchased them for a Christmas gift because my oldest is really into art. They have not touched their other colored pencils since then.

I used these blocks before we got Math U See, I really like them and so do my girls, for math. My youngest still uses them in kindergarten and we use them with our math board games.

I don’t think the individual beeswax crayons are the super fancy ones, but my girls love them. I won’t lie, the girls don’t use the block beeswax crayons too much, but we do have them!

I love this easel. It was one of the first things I purchased and my girls use them all the time. I would highly recommend them, and the best part is, they are very affordable.

My youngest uses an abacus to do all of her math and she loves it.

My girls are still working on perfecting their painting with these watercolor pencils, but i love both of the sets. The Prisma ones more than the Derwent, but I bought the Prisma ones during a great sale.

My oldest hasn’t really been able to use these tiles much, but now that we are further into grammar and parts of speech they will be more effective.

We bought these peg people to have around the house as my girls love to paint them as a craft. It’s so cute to see what they come up with.

These CVC Builders and Letter Tiles are my favorite. They are so cute and my daughters have loved using them to learn and practice their CVC words.

I have yet to use this Loom, but we are so excited to start.

The Squishy Human Body is something I was eyeing for the longest time. We just started our human body studies and this has been a great hands on learning experience for my girls. I highly recommend it.